Executive Coaching and Team Member Support for Breakthrough Performance


We work with high achievers using  neuroscience to help them  maintain peak performance during times of challenge and opportunity.

A Powerful Process for Building Resiliency, Trust, and Excellence 

Our eight-session coaching program builds competency in brain-body skills for managing high-stress and high-stakes situations. Leaders and emerging leaders discover how to inspire trust, enhance decision-making, and stay calm under pressure. Most importantly, they learn how to identify their strengths, skill gaps, and needs in order to develop a personalized process for bringing their best to everything they do.  

How the Process Works:

One-to-One Meetings

Leaders and team members meet with their coach via  a video meeting platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Each session focuses on applying concrete skills to the challenges and opportunities for the individual in their unique work circumstance.




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Assessments & Activities 

Pre and Post coaching assessments, as well as worksheet and activities, help ensure that insights are put to practical use and results are maintained over time.






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Within the overall context of the Change and Engagement Brain Maps and Five Foundations of Influence Framework all of the training and coaching sessions are customized to meet individual goals. This allows for breakthroughs to be built on clear neuroscientific principles, and allow the organization at large to share a common language, while still ensuring that the tactical needs of the moment are being met. 

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What People Are Saying About CE Resilience:

Mari Geasair

I feel confident sending the executives I work with to CE Resilience because I know they won't get a "cookie-cutter" experience. Erin takes the time to learn about each individual and support them deeply in the highly personalized work required to overcome blockages to  high performance. 


Prism Impact  

Amber Rahn


The work left me feeling empowered and ready to overcome anything that came my way!

Culture and Organizational Development Manager,
Blue Credit Union