We use the power of neuroscience and peak performance research to help you move teams forward with poise and resilience.

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The CEĀ Mission

We believe everyone can tap into more of their potential without stressing, over-functioning, or making things more challenging than they need to be. The key is learning how to use our brains' natural adaptive abilities and manage our nervous systems to make it easier to consistently achieve peak performance.


Successful leaders and exceptional organizations know the power of the brain and consciously create the systems and culture to foster better brain health,Ā internal resilience, and mental peak performance.

Ā At CE Resilience, we specialize in working with successful companies and leaders to help them do this. We help you understand the latest brain science regarding resiliency and peak performance and learn how to turn this knowledge into practical skills for leading effectively during times of change.

About Erin of CE ResilienceĀ 

Erin Linehan has a unique ability to help people uncover new possibilities and remove roadblocks to success. SheĀ is passionate about helping clients gain an authentic sense of leadership and a clear vision for their future.

Erin received her Master of Clinical and School Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado in 2010. She became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado in 2013.